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What You Need to Know
Negril is located just north of the western most point of Jamaica. Geographically located along the main sea lanes for the Panama Canal, between the Cayman Trench and Jamaica Channel. This location provides opportunities for divers to see many different species travelling throughout the vast Caribbean Sea.

Dive Trips:
One dive trip per day leave our shop. Each trip is for a two tank dive to two different dive sites. The boat leaves shore at 9:30am, returning around 12:30pm. Surface intervals are usually about 1 hour at sea. Water and a snack are available upon request prior to your departure. You may bring your own as well. We do prefer to keep the groups small, limiting our numbers to 8 divers per trip.
The nearest dive sites are about a 5 minute boat ride. All dives are lead by experienced captains and divemasters, in accordance with Jamaican laws.

Exposure Suit Recommendations:
The water temperature in Negril varies between 78F/26C and 84F/29C. We usually are wearing 3mm shorties during the warmer months (April-October) and then into a 3/5mm full suit for the cooler months. However, most visitors stay warm enough without any exposure suits. While we do have a small variety of wetsuits, if you have one and are worried about getting cold, we suggest you carry your own suit.

Diving Conditions:
Most days of the year, the waters off of Negril remain peaceful and calm. Providing perfect, bathtub-like conditions for beginners as well as advanced divers to enjoy themselves under the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean. Although currents are present, strong (ripping) currents are uncommon, allowing ample opportunities for pristine dive experiences.

At times the visibility is so good you can look down to 100 ft and feel as though you can reach out and touch the bottom!


Enjoy the mysteries of the deep

Ready to have fun in Jamaican waters

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